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Law Offices of Leon J. Letter, PLLC (“Law Offices”) is committed to respecting the privacy of visitors to this website. This privacy statement describes how the Law Offices handles information provided by visitors via this website. We reserve the right to change this privacy statement at any time, but will update this page to reflect any changes.


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Personally-Identifying Information

It is the policy of the Law Offices to collect only that personally-identifying information (such as name, address, telephone number) which a visitor to the website knowingly and voluntarily provides to the Law Offices. Law Offices does not collect, save or store such personally-identifying information from visitors who just browse through this website without e-mailing or contacting the Law Offices.

E-mail Addresses and Telephone Numbers

Neither E-mail addresses nor telephone numbers will be provided to any other business, organization or individual.

Aggregate Information

The Law Offices may collect and store the IP address of visitors to this website for statistical purposes in periodically reviewing the number of times each page is viewed on this website, as well as the types of searches conducted. This process does not store or use personally-identifying information such as name, address, telephone number. The aggregate information is intended to help improve this website for the benefit of visitors.

Links to Other Websites

This website may contain links to other, third party websites. Visitors should be aware that the links on this website are provided only for the convenience of the visitor. If a visitor to this website chooses to click on a link to another website, the visitor is directed to that other website. The fact that the Law Offices’ website links to, or is linked from, another website is not an endorsement of, authorization or representation of any affiliation by the Law Offices with that third party. Law Offices has no control over, makes no promises or warranties of any kind with regard to, and has no responsibility or liability for, the content of any other websites or their privacy policies, their use of cookies or placement of other files on visitors’ computers, or the way they collect, solicit, save, store or use information about visitors to their website. The Privacy Policy for the Law Offices website addresses only the use and disclosure of information that Law Offices collects from visitors to its website. Other sites follow different rules regarding the use or disclosure of the personal information submitted to them by visitors. It is recommended that a visitor review the privacy policy of each website visited.

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