Estate Planning and Probate

 “One day we will no longer exist on this earth. We will be just a memory to a select few. We should make sure those memories are good… how we touched them, how we made them feel. This will be what we leave behind, this will be our legacy…that we made a difference in someone’s life, our gift to the ones we love and to the world” — Kim Bayne

My estate planning and probate practice is all about helping you make a better tomorrow today. I am here to help clients plan for today and tomorrow in order to make sure that everything happens as planned.

However, the failure to plan is also a plan. If you do not plan, the state will plan your estate and determine exactly how your estate will be distributed. However, if you want your wishes known and followed, an estate plan is essential.

To ensure that my clients have a better tomorrow today, I address clients’ ongoing planning needs by providing durable powers of attorney, medical power of attorney, and trusts. However, the eventual day will come when we become memories and I work with my clients to ensure that they are good memories by preparing estate plans, including wills and trusts.

In addition to planning services, I provide estate and trust administration both in and out of probate court.