Business and Real Estate

In my business and commercial law practice, I focus on serving the legal needs of small to medium sized businesses and their owners and employees. Assistance is provided in the formation of business entities including corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships and partnerships. I assist clients in ongoing operational issues and, when the time is right, the transition or winding-down of the business.

When you retain my office, you not only get a quantity attorney, you also get an economist. With my economics degree, I can provide consulting services by providing an economic analysis for your business at a fraction of the costs of hiring a separate business economist expert.

General Business Counsel Services

Being a firm believer that small businesses drive the American economy, I assist entrepreneurs to help make their dreams come alive through thoughtful planning and execution. To protect my clients, I discuss the many options they have to create and structure their business to minimize risks while promoting potential benefits. After the creation of your business, I will be there with you at every step of the way by handling transactional needs of the business.

Beyond providing isolated legal services, I also provide general counsel services for small to medium sized businesses. Most small to medium sized businesses lack the resources to have a full-time legal counsel on staff. Further, they typically do not budget for large legal expenditures. Recognizing the need for competent and cost conscious legal advice, I offer general counsel services that will address businesses’ typical problems and questions as soon as they arise, rather than allowing a problem to fester and grow into a legal disaster.

Through the general counsel services, I provide, on a flat rate basis, to my clients advice and counseling by e-mail, by telephone or in person, on most subjects related to day-to-day operations of the business, advice on and formation of a legal entity, serve as the registered resident agent for the business handling the service of process issues, prepare corporate/company minutes and resolutions, assist in meeting other corporate/company housekeeping requirements, review and preparation of standard business documents, agreements, leases and other business communications such as bill collection letters and cease-and-desist letters, and negotiate settlements in non-litigated business disputes.

Real Estate

In addition to the traditional business and commercial law services, I am also available to serve your diverse real estate needs, including real estate transactions and litigation matters. In working through real estate transactions, I can provide guidance and assistance in the negotiation, analysis and structuring of and preparation of documentation for real estate transactions including sale and leasing documents. Zoning, planning and land use issues can also be addressed and resolved.